How to Say Cheers In French – Beginners Lesson With Video

In this video tutorial you will learn several different words for “cheers” in French. First watch the video below and then you can read more below.


  • The easiest way to say cheers is to simply say “tchin-tchin“. This is seen as rather informal and would be best to use among a group of friends or peers.
  • Another easy way of saying cheers is to say, “Santé“, which means ‘health’ in English. Actually, the word for health is “La santé”. The “la” is the definite article meaning ‘the’. It’s la and not le because santé is a feminine noun.
  • One more thing you can say is, “à votre santé“. Votre means your in the formal form (used for somebody who you do not know or for somebody who is older than yourself. You could also say, “à ta santé” for somebody your age or younger.
  • Finally, one more way of saying cheers is, “à la tienne“. The word, “la tienne” signifies your health. Also, you could say “à la votre”. La votre also signifies “your health” or “yours” but is formal and used for people older than yourself or strangers.
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