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These posts cover interesting aspects about French culture you should know about for traveling and living in France.

What are the most popular French baby names? What’s in a name? Plenty if you understand the parental psychology or the convoluted etymology of names. As language learners, we’re more interested in French names and learning a little about their background. Here are 20 popular names for baby boys and girls, all utterly Gallic in …

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All you need to know about toilets in France Finding a bathroom can be an urgent challenge, especially in unfamiliar territory. It pays to know what to say and look for, which is why we’re covering everything you need to know about asking “Where is the bathroom?” in French and using toilets in France.

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Like the Eiffel Tower and crusty baguettes, la bise is emblematic of France. Greeting each other with air kisses on each cheek may appear exotic. But with a little savoir-faire, anyone can master this enigmatic French custom. Everything you need to know about la bise What is la bise? La bise, meaning kiss, specifically describes …

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If you happen to find yourself sitting at the table a French family, you’ll quickly realize the importance of knowing French table manners. Indeed, there are several aspects to French table etiquette that are much different from in the United States. This post will show you precisely how to conduct yourself at a French table.

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Tipping In France – Do I I Need To Leave A Tip? Despite what you find elsewhere online, you should never feel pressured to leave a tip in France. Since a service fee is already included in your meal and all of the employees are paid a living wage, tipping in France is not required. …

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Madame vs. mademoiselle: Which one to choose Madame or Mademoiselle? Every French learner has encountered this question when wondering how to address a woman in France. Meaning “Miss,” Mademoiselle is used to address unmarried women while Madame, meaning “Mrs.,” is used to address married women.

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