My Story

Bonjour! I’m originally from New Hampshire, USA and now live Victor, Idaho, in the Teton Valley. I started learning French back in 1987 when I was in the seventh grade. From the very start I instantly fell in love with the French language.

In my second year the teacher saw that I was advancing rapidly and I became the teacher’s pet with the nickname, “Frisé“, which means curly in French.

At that time that I began “thinking” in French. I discovered what I consider to be the golden key to learning foreign language: Incorporate the new words into my thinking. By doing this I gained the ability to speak without having to translate first.

In the following years I really got into improving my French. I practiced with French-speaking tourists from Quebec and watched lots of French movies.

In the tenth grade I met some exchange students and got the idea of going to France myself. My parents agreed and I spent my junior year in a high school in northern France. There I worked towards my goal of speaking French without an accent. I had a very supportive host family and am forever grateful.

After high school I went to McGill University in  Montreal, Canada. There I spoke French every day for four years. I took several university courses with native speakers and enjoyed the challenge. I surrounded myself by French and really had an amazing time!

After university I followed a different path and became a stock broker in Taiwan. Then, at the beginning of 2013 I started teaching French online via Skype. I truly love teaching French would be delighted to have you as my student!

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À bientôt!
David Issokson

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