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About Us

About Us

About FrenchLearner

FrenchLearner was founded in September, 2012. Our mission is to help people learn French online. With and average 250k+ sessons per month, we are now no. 2 in the world for privately owned websites about French language and culture.

Since the very beginning, our aim has been to teach the fundamentals of the French language. We are now the world leader offering a “Word of the Day” lesson to 10,000+ subscribers of our newsletter.

Our Team

David Issokson – Founder

David Issokson
David Issokson in Paris in December, 2022

David Issokson is the founder of FrenchLearner. David grew up in Durham, New Hampshire, USA and now lives Victor, Idaho. David created FrenchLearner in 2012 and has been providing private online and face-to-face French lessons since 2014.

David started learning French in 1987 when he was in the seventh grade at Oyster River Middle School. From the very start he instantly fell in love with French.

In 1991-1992 David spent his junior year of high school as an exchange student in Douai France. There he was able to perfect his French in the home of a French family and attended classes at Lycée Albert Châtelet.

David graduated from McGill University in Montreal in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in East Asian Studies and minoring in Economics.

Before settling in Victor, Idaho, David lived in Taiwan, Thailand and Martha’s Vineyard. In addition to French, David speaks several other languages including Spanish (fluent), Mandarin Chinese (fluent), Hebrew (lower intermediate), Portuguese (intermediate), Italian (upper beginner). David also has knowledge of Thai and German.

To learn more about David’s private French classes, this page describes the classes and this page provides student testimonials.

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Marie Assel Cambier – Audio voiceovers

Marie Assel Cambier

Based in southern France on the Côte d’Azur, Marie provides the audio for many of FrenchLearner’s lessons. She is equipped with professional studio and with a theatrical background, Marie has been doing professional French voice overs for over three years. This is Marie’s LinkedIn profile.

Dan Forsythe – Content Contributor

Dan Forsythe

A content writer living in France since 2016, Dan Forsythe contributes to our English language blog posts about French culture.

A Politics and History graduate with a technical writing background, Dan traded in a corporate career for la vie tranquille and settled with his (mostly) French family in western France.

An insatiable traveler, Dan has crisscrossed France, Europe, and beyond. When he’s not hiking or falling down historical rabbit holes, Dan sips tea and writes technical pieces or blog posts about travel, history, and life in his adopted home. This is Dan’s LinkedIn Profile.

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Callie Zarpas – Blog contributor

Calli Zarpas

Calli Zarpas has written many blog posts on FrenchLearner. Blogger, producer, and content creator, Calli is a lover of all things travel, wellness, and French. Having begun traveling in her teens, Calli visited 30 countries before settling down in France post-college. When she’s not writing French-language content for FrenchLearner or traveling the world, you can find Calli creating content for herself and others on Instagram and her blog, Wooish.

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Work with us

We are open to your questions, comments and feedback. We are also open to sponsored posts, email blasts and cross promotion. To work with us, your business must be in the language niche or related to French langauge, travel and/or France. Please contact us at: [email protected]. Our physical address is: 200 E Homestead Dr. #307 Victor, Idaho USA.

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David Issokson

David Issokson is a lifelong language learner and speaks over seven languages. Of all the languages he speaks, he's the most passionate about French! David has helped hundreds of students to improve their French in his private lessons. When not teaching or writing his French Word of the Day lessons, David enjoys his time skiing, hiking and mountain biking in Victor, Idaho.

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