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France is famous for its delicious cuisine and amazing wine. These posts explore French food and drink.

France’s famed fizzy wine has been a synonym for luxury ever since preening Bourbon monarchs popped corks at Versailles. Yet, despite sharing unique terroir and rigorous production rules, no Champagne is the same. Here’s a peek at 10 of the most influential brands and how to pronounce them. le champagne

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A typical breakfast in France includes tartines (bread, often baguettes), confiture (jam), beurre (butter), café au lait or hot chocolate for dunking and juice. Weekends are often marked with a trip to the boulangerie (bakery) to fill up on croissants and other viennoiseries. But is there more to breakfast in France? To answer the question, …

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And why French toast is called “pain perdu” in French Do you enjoy freshly-made French toast drizzled in maple syrup? Have you ever wondered why this American breakfast staple is called French toast? Do the French even eat it? If so, why do they call it “pain perdu”? So many questions, with some surprising answers …

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