Daily Routine

French Daily Routine Vocabulary

French Daily Routine PhrasesIn this lesson you will learn some fun an useful French daily routine phrases and vocabulary words. With these words you will be able to describe what you do on a daily basis. Please note that there are a lot of reflexive verbs used in this lesson, such as “je me lève”. Thus, it’s a good idea to review these verbs as a supplement to this lesson. NOTE: This is an audio tutorial. Click on any of the French words, listen, repeat and practice your pronunciation.

Vocabulary List

je me lève I wake upje prends ma douche I take my shower
je me lave les dents I brush my teethje me lave le visage I wash my face
je prends le petit déjeuner I eat breakfastje prends un café I have a coffee
j’attends le bus I wait for the busje vais au travail I go to work
je vais à l'école I go to schoolje vais au cabinet I go to the office
je prends le déjeuner I have lunchje prends une sieste I have a nap
je rentre chez moi I go homeje fais du sport I do sports/I exercise
je rencontre des amis I meet some friendsje vais a la salle de musculation I go to the gym
je prends le dîner I have dinnerje regarde la télé I watch TV
je lis un livre I read a bookje me couche I go to bed

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