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In this lesson you will learn how to say 20 feelings (les sentiments) words in French. An important thing to keep in mind is that these are adjectives and the way they are written must correspond with the person to which they are referring – either masculine or feminine. For many of the words there is no need to change the pronunciation. However, when the last letter of the word is a constant and you add an extra “E” the feminine form you must pronounce that last consonant. The end “eux” word for happy – “Heureux” changes to “euse” in the feminine form. You will see that the feminine pronunciation he is much different in the video.

Basic French Feelings
heureux/heureuse happy préoccupé(e) worried/preoccupied malheureux/malheureuse unhappy
triste sad inquièt(e) worried malade sick
content(e) happy/content déçu(e) disappointed pressé(e) in a rush
à l’aise at ease
détendu(e) relaxed fâché(e) angry
énervé(e) upset/angry tranquille calm/peaceful amoureux/amoureuse in love
enthousiaste  eager/enthusiastic satisfait(e) satisfied
Feelings Phrases
Je suis heureux/heureuse. I am happy.
Je ne suis pas heureux/heureuse. I am not happy.
Êtes-vous content(e)? Are you content/happy (formal)
Es-tu content(e)? Are you happy (informal).
Nous sommes très heureux. We are very happy.
Nous ne sommes pas heureux. We are not happy.
La fille est triste. The girl is sad.
Le garçon est triste. The boy is sad.
Sa femme n’est pas satisfaite. His wife is not satisfied.
Sa femme est satisfaite. His wife is satisfied.
Ils sont très heureux ensemble. They are very happy together.
Ils ne sont pas heureux ensemble. They are not happy together.
Pourquoi est-ce que tu es triste? Why are you sad?
Pourquoi est-ce que tu es déçu? Why are you disappointed?
Est-ce que tu te sents à l’aise? Do you feel at ease?
Oui, je me sents à l’aise. Yes, I feel at ease.
L’homme est un peu inquièt. The man is a bit worried.
La femme n’est pas inquiète. The woman is not worried.
Les enfants sont malheureux. The kids are unhappy.
Les enfants ne sont pas malheureux. The kids aren’t unhappy.
Je suis un peu pressé(e). I’m a bit rushed.
Je ne suis pas pressé(e). I am not in a rush.
Ils ont l’air d’être amoureux. They appear to be in love.
La fille est tombée amoureuse. The girl fell in love.
Je suis tousjours satisfait(e). I am always satisfied.
Je ne suis jamais satisfait(e). I’m never satisfied.

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