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French school system, grades and diplomas explained Are you moving to France and wondering what to expect from the national school system? Or just curious about teaching in a country that birthed Voltaire, Monet, and the language of Molière? We look at how the French education system works with intriguing comparisons to the US. You …

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How to talk about your cat in French For all the animal lovers out there, learning how to say cat in French will definitely be an important addition to your vocabulary. There are a few important things to know about the word cat in French. And that includes one mistake involving the word that you …

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How to say water in French The French word for water is “eau” (pronounced [o]). With the definite article (word for the), water in French is “l’eau” (pronounced [lo]). This post will explore everything you need to know about French and water including common vocabulary words, useful expressions, ordering water in restaurants and the most …

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Calli Zarpas, blogger, producer, and content creator, is a lover of all things travel, wellness, and French. Having begun traveling in her teens, Calli visited 30 countries before settling down in France post-college. When she's not writing French-language content for FrenchLearner or traveling the world, you can find Calli creating content for herself and others on Instagram and her blog, Wooish.

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