avoir le coeur sur la main

“Avoir le coeur sur la main” is a wonderful French expression that literally means “to have the heart on the hand”. English equivalents for this idiom include:

  • to have a heart of gold
  • to be big-hearted
  • to be open-handed
  • to be kind-hearted

French-to-French definitions simply include être généreux, or to be generous.

A fun French-Canadian equivalent is “Avoir le coeur comme un autobus”, or “to have a heart like a bus”, meaning everybody can get on.

Here’s an example setence:

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  • Paul est tellement généreux. Il invite ses amis chaque été pour faire un barbeque au bord du lac. Il adore inviter les enfants a faire du ski nautique. Il a vraiment le coeur sur la main. Paul is so generous. He invites his friends every some for a barbeque on the lake. He loves inviting the kids to go water skiing. He really has a heart of gold.

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