avoir le vent en poupe

The expression “avoir le vent en poupe” has the literal translation of “to have wind in the stern.” La poupe is the stern or rear of a boat. This expression has the following translations in English:

  • to have the wind in your sails
  • to have everything going your way
  • to be all the rage
  • to be on a roll
  • to know a huge success
  • to make it big

Loose translations also include to be pushed towards success and to be favored by circumstances. The metaphor or idea here is that with the wind blowing at the bow of the ship, the sailors were in a better position.

Here are two example sentences:

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  • Il parait que l’homme politique ne doit pas faire grand-chose pour gagner l’election. Il a le vent en poupe. It appears that the politician doesn’t have to do much to win. He has the wind in his sails.
  • L’application Zoom a le vent en poupe maintenant à cause du Covid 19. Zoom is all the rage now due to Covid 19.

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