avoir une araignée au plafond

“Avoir une araignée au plafond” is a comical French expression that translates literally to “to have a spider on the ceiling”.

English meanings:

  • to have a few screws loose
  • to have bats in the belfry

A French meaning is “être un peu fou mais sans etre gênant aux autres” (to be a bit crazy but not bothersome to others”.

example sentence:

  • Tout le monde sait que Géralde a une araignée au plafond parce qu’il n’arrête jamais de se parler tout seul. Everybody knows Geralde has a few screws loose because he never stops talking to himself.

synonym expressions:

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  • avoir une case de vide – Literally: to have an empty compartment
  • avoir une case en moins – Literally: to have one less compartment
  • avoir un grain – Literally: to have a seed
  • travailler du chapeau  – Literally: to work from the hat

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