avoir une dent contre quelqu’un

“Avoir une dent contre quelqu’un” is a fun little French expression that translates literally to “to have a tooth against somebody”. The meaning in English is:

  • to have a grudge against somebody

Other meanings are simply to have resentment to feel anger towards somebody else. Here’s an example sentence:

Patty ne m’a pas invité à sa soirée chez elle et j’ai une dent contre cette femme depuis plus que deux mois. Patty didn’t invite me to her dinner party and I’ve had a grudge against her for more than two months.

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Here are a few more ways to express resentment in French:

  • avoir de la rancune to have a grudge
  • avoir du ressentiment to have a resentment
  • en vouloir à quelqu’un to be angry at somebody

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