ça ne me fait ni chaud ni froid

The French expression “ça ne me fait ni chaud ni froid” translates literally to “that doesn’t make neither hot nor cold to me”.

English meaning:

  • I don’t mind either way
  • I couldn’t care less
  • it doesn’t bother me

French meaning:

  • cela m’indiffère – Lit: it’s indifferent to me

Example sentence:

  • Je regarde le championnat mais quelle equipe est-ce que je support ? Ça ne me fait ni chaud ni froid. I am watching the championship but which team am I rooting for? I couldn’t care less.


  • Se ficher de qqch – to no care about something
  • C’est le dernier de mes soucis – Lit: it’s the last of my worries
  • On s’en fout (slang) – who cares!

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