comme les moutons de Panurge

“Comme les moutons de Panurge” is a French idiom that translates literally to: “like Panurge’s sheep”.

English meaning:

  • like a flock of sheep

A French meaning is: “faire la même chose que les autres, suivre la mode” (to do the same things as others, to follow the fashion (trends). In literature, the French writer Rabelais wrote about a sheep who was thrown into the sea and the rest simply followed. Un mouton de Panurge can translate to “blind follower.

Example sentence:

  • Quand je vois les jeunes je ris: ils font comme les moutons de Panurge. Ils portent tous les mêmes jeans et tennis. When I see young people I laugh – they’re like a flock of sheep. They all wear the same jeans and sneakers.

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