cracher dans la soupe

The French expression “cracher dans la soupe” translates literally to “to spit in the soup”.

English meanings:

  • to bite the hand that feeds you
  • to be ungrateful towards somebody you depend on

French meanings:

  • critiquer ce qui permet d’assurer sa subsistanceto criticize that which assures subsistence.

Example sentence:

  • Quand t’offre un nouvel emploi il ne fait jamais cracher dans la soupe. When you’re given a new job you must never bite the hand that feeds you.


  • mordre la main qui nous nourrit – Lit: to bite the hand that feeds us (French-Canadian expression)

Related expression:

scier la branche sur laquelle on est assis – Lit: to saw off the branch on which one is seated (to shoot oneself in the foot).

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