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être à l’aise dans ses baskets

“Être à l’aise dans ses baskets” is a lovely little French idiom that literally means “To be at ease in ones own sneakers”. Les baskets is a funny anglicism that means sneakers or basketball shoes. Être à l’aise means to feel comfortable or at ease.

A French-to-French translation could be “être bien dans sa peau”, to feel comfortable in one’s own skin.

Here are some rough translations of the expression:

  • to feel comfortable with oneself
  • to be in one’s element
  • to feel at ease with oneself

Here’s a sample sentence:

  • Pierre réussit dans sa carrière, il a une belle famille et plein d’amis. Il est a l’aise dans ses baskets. Pierre is succeeding in his career, has a lovely family and lots of friends. He feels comfortable in his own skin.

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