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être à tu et à toi

“Être à tu et à toi” is a French expression that translates literally to “to be at you and you”. The meaning in English is as follows:

  • to be on a first name basis with somebody
  • to be good friends

A French definition on is “to be close or informal”. In French there are two ways of saying you: tu and vous. Tu is considered informal and vous is considered formal. Hence, “être à tu et à toi” is to use the informal “tu” with somebody.

Here’s an example sentence:

  • Quand j’étais a l’université j’étais à tu et toi avec mes profs: on se connaissait bien et discutait souvent après les cours. When I was in university I was on a first-name basis with my professors. We knew each other well and chatted often after class.

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