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être au creux de la vague

“Être au creux de la vague” is a French expression that literally means to be at the tough of the way. Creux (m) translates to trough or low point and vague (f) means wave. Here are some English meanings:

  • to hit rock bottom
  • to go through a bad patch
  • to go through a rough spell
  • to be at the lowest point

French-to-French definitions include:

  • se retrouver dans une mauvaise situation to find yourself in a bad situation
  • être bas de sa popularité to be at the lowest point of popularity
  • connaître la plus faible activité to know the weakest activity (economic)

example sentence:

  • Pour une économie qui est déjà au creux de la vague, la réapparition du virus a ete une vraie catastrophe. For an economy which has already hit bottom, the resurgence of the virus has been a real catastrophe.

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