être dans le collimateur de quelqu’un

“Être dans le collimateur de quelqu’un” is a French expression that translates literally to “to be in somebody’s gun sight”. Here are some English meanings:

  • to be on somebody’s hit list
  • to have somebody in your sights
  • to be on somebody’s radar
  • to be in somebody’s cross-hairs

Expressio.fr offers the following meaning in French: to observe somebody closely often with threatening intent, suspicion or animosity. Here’s an example sentence:

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  • Ceux qui sont contre les droits civiques sont dans le collimateur des manifestant depuis que les images du meurtre de George Floyd ont ete diffusés à la télévision. Those who have been against civil rights have been in the cross-hairs of the protesters since this pictures of the murder of George Floyd were broadcast on television.

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