faire des pieds et des mains

The French expression “faire des pieds et des mains” translates literally to “to make feet and hands.

English meaning:

  • to move heaven and earth
  • to make every effort
  • to pull out all the stops

French meanings:

  • faire tous ses effortsto make all one’s efforts

Example sentence:

  • Ses parents ont fait des pieds et des mains pour qu’il soit accepté dans une université prestigieuse. His parents moved heaven and earth so that he could be accepted at a prestigious university.

Related expression:

  • remuer ciel et terre to move the sky (heavens) and earth
  • sortir le grand jeu – Lit: to bring out the big game (to pull out all the stops)
  • mettre le paquet, mettre la gomme – Lit: to put the package or gum/resin (to pull out all the stops)
  • se donner à fond – Lit: to give of oneself to the end (to go all out)
  • donner tout ce qu’on a se surpasser – Lit: to give everything that one has to outperform (to go all out)

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