les carottes sont cuites

“Les carottes sont cuites” is a fun little French expression that translates literally to “the carrots are cooked.” This is an idiom where it’s impossible to guess the meaning. Here are a few English translations:

  • it’s all over
  • the chips are down
  • the writing is on the wall
  • your goose is cooked

Interestingly, French-to-French meanings include:

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  • Tout est perdu all is lost
  • Il n’y a plus aucun espoir there’s no hope
  • Il était très tard la nuit des élections. Notre candidat a remporté les élections par une victoire écrasante. Les carrotes etaient cuites. It was very late on the night of the elections. Our candidate won by a landslide. It was all over.

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