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les doigts dans le nez

The French expression “faire quelque chose les doigts dans le nez” translates literally to “to do something with the fingers in the nose”.

English meanings:

  • to do something with your eyes closes
  • to do something standing on your head

French meanings:

  • sans effort, très facilement without effort, very easily

Example sentence:

  • Ça ne fait que deux ans qu’il joue du violin et il joue les doigts dans le nez. He’s only been playing violin for two years and he plays standing on his head.

More usages:

Les doigts dans le nez also means “to win easily” when it comes after the verb gagner (to win). Meanings include:

  • to win hands down
  • it was like taking candy from a baby
  • it was a walk in the park

for example:

  • L’equipé de foot a gagne le match les doigts dans le nez. The soccer team won hands down.

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