mettre quelqu’un en boîte

“Mettre quelqu’un en boîte” is a fun little French expression that translates literally to “to put somebody in a can”. The word “boîte” can translate to both can and box. Here are several English meanings:

  • to make fun of somebody
  • to pull somebody’s leg
  • to josh somebody
  • to have a good laugh at somebody offers a very simple definition in French: “to make fun of somebody, particularly his or her naivety and gullibility.

Here’s an example sentence:

  • Je crois tous ce qu’on me raconte. Je suis très naïf. On me met en boite tout le temps. I believe everything people tell me. I’m very gullible. People pull my leg all the time.

There lots of synonymous verbs and expressions:

  • se payer la tete de qqn – Literally to buy yourself somebody’s head
  • taquiner to tease
  • se moquer de qqnto tease somebody
  • faire marcher qqnto tease somebody

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