ne pas etre sorti de l’auberge

The French expression “ne pas etre sorti de l’auberge” translates directly to “not having left the inn”. However, in the context of this expression the word auberge means prison.

English meanings:

  • not be out of the woods
  • still have a lot of ground to cover

French meanings:

  • avoir encore fort à faireto still have a great deal to do
  • loin d’être finifar from over

Je suis désolé, mon cher pasager. La route devient de plus et plus etroite et cahoteuse. On n’est pas sortis de l’auberge! I’m sorry, my dear passenger. The road is becoming more and more narrow and bumpy. We’re still not out of the woods!

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Synonymous expressions:

  • sorti du boisout of the woods (Canadian)
  • ne pas être au bout de ses peinesnot to be out of the woods
  • tiré d’affaireto be in the clear, off the hook

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