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pas piqué des hannetons

“Pas piqué des hannetons” is a informal French idiom which has a literal translation of not bitten by June bugs. Piquer means to bite or sting and hanneton and translate to either May bug or June bug. French-to-French translations are très intéressant or bon.

Another French expression which is used synonymously is “pas piqué de vers” or “not bitten by worms”.

EnglishTranslations of this expression include the following:

  • great
  • wonderful
  • quite something
  • fantastic
  • darned good

Example sentence:

  • De tous les films de Gérard Depardieu j’ai préféré Cyrano de Bergerac. C’était pas piqué des hannetons. Of all the Gérard Depardieu movies I preferred Cyrano de Bergerac. It was great.

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