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prendre son pied avec quelqu’un

The French expression “prendre son pied avec quelqu’un” translates literally to “to take your foot with somebody”. The meaning of this expression is totally impossible to guess. Here’s the English meaning:

  • to fool around with somebody
  • to get it one with somebody

According to, the meaning of this expression isn’t strictly sexual. “Prendre son pied” can also mean taking great pleasure from enjoying an activity or discovering a new activity.

Here’s an example sentence:

  • Marie ne se rend même pas compte que Martin la trompe depuis plus qu’un an. Chaque jour pendant que Marie prépare son dîner, Martin prend son pied avec son assistante au travail. Marie doesn’t even realize Martin has been cheating on her for over one year. Everyday when Marie’s making his diner, he’s fooling around with his assistant at work.

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