quel navet

“Quel navet!” is a funny little French idiom that literally means “What a turnip!” The real meaning or translation is “What a load of trash” or “What rubbish!” with regards to films and movies. Here are some other translations of navet with regards to the cinema:

  • a dud
  • a turkey
  • rubbish
  • third-rate

Here are a few example sentences:

  • Tu as vu le nouveau Star Wars? Ouai, je l’ai vu. Quel navet! Did you see the new Star Wars? Yeah, I saw it. What a load of trash!”
  • Avant cet acteur a joué dans de bons films mais maintenant il ne joue que dans les navets. Before this actor played in good movies but now he only plays in third-rate duds.

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