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raconter des salades

“Raconter des salades” is one of those French expressions which has a meaning that’s totally impossible to guess. The idiom translates literally to “to tell salads”. Ractoner means to tell, as in a story or joke. Here are some English meanings:

  • to tell stories
  • to spin yarns
  • to tell tall stories

A French definition on is simply “to tell lies or stories”.

Here’s a sample sentence:

Domonic raconte des salades depuis des années. Il dit qu’il s’est battu dans plusieurs guerres et en réalité il n’a jamais été militaire. Domonic has been telling stories for years. He says that he’s fought in several wars when in reality he’s never been a soldier.

Here are some synonymous expressions:

  • raconter des bobards – Literally to tell fibs
  • raconter des conneriesto B.S., talk nonsense
  • raconter des bêtisesto talk nonsense

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