veiller au grain

The French expression “veiller au grain” translates literally to “to watch out for the squall. “Veiller” means “to keep an eye out for” and “grain” translates to be seed or grain as well as squall.

English meanings:

  • to look out for problems
  • to keep an eye out
  • to keep a weather-eye open

French meanings:

  • surveiller to watch for, to monitor
  • prévoir et prévenir le dangerto foresee and prevent danger

Example sentence:

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  • Pour le moment tout se passe bien mais on doit continuer à veiller au grain. For now everything is going well but one has to continue looking out for problems.


  • faire attention àto pay attention to
  • garder un œil sur to keep an eye on
  • guetter to watch out for somebody/something

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