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Mot – How To Say “Word” In French

Mot – How To Say “Word” In French

In today’s lesson, we’ll have a look at the masculine noun mot, which means “word”. It’s important to know how to use this word as it comes up all the time in language learning. Let’s jump right in!

le mot


Word origin

The modern French masculine noun mot is realted to muttire (to mutter, speak) in Latin. In French, there is another word for word: parole (feminine noun). This word is used to express lines of words or song lyrics. The expression adresser la parole à quelqu’un means “to speak to somebody”.


The pronunciation of mot is: moh or [mo]. Do not pronounce the final T. This lesson our site covers French reading rules.

Example sentences

This first example sentence is autobiographical. I try to learn five new words per day when learning new langauges!

Quand j’apprends un language, j’essaie d’apprendre au moins cinq nouveaux mots tous les jours.

When I learn a langauge, I try to learn at least five new words every day.

Cherche le mot dans le dictionnaire si tu ne comprends pas !

Look the word up in the dictionary if you don’t understand!

I also feel strongly about this next example. It’s important to have a grasp of French slang, which I covered in this lesson.

J’adore l’argot. Il est très important d’apprendre ces mots.

I love slang. It’s very important to learn these words!

This final example sentence makes reference to a fun slang verb chiant, meaning “very annoying”, which we cover in this lesson.

Que veut dire le mot “chiant” en français ?

What does the word chiant mean in French?


Et voilà ! Now you know how to use the word mot in French. Now check our our lesson covering “Que veux dire”. The French use this expression when asking how to say something.

La prof explique les mots. The teacher explains the words.

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