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The word, d’accord in French has several uses. With an exclamation mark, ‘D’accord!‘ translates to “okay” or “alright”. When combined with a conjugated form or être (to be), d’accord means to agree. For example, Je suis d’accord avec vous translates to “I agree with you”. d’accord What is the meaning of d’accord in French? Uses …

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The French greeting “ça va” (pronounced sah-vah) in English literally means “it goes” or “that goes”. Ça va is used commonly in everyday informal French greetings. The translation of “Comment ça va?” is “How’s it going?”. This will cover the various meanings of ça va in English. Ça va Ça Va Meaning & Translation How …

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The French word, “bonjour” (Pronunciation: bɔ̃ʒuʀ) has several definitions. Bonjour translates to “good morning” when used early in the day. Bonjour also translates to “hello” when used during the rest of the daytime until late afternoon. This post also explains bonjour vs. bonne journée as well as four expressions with “bonjour”. Bonjour – Hello in …

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