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In these, posts, you’ll learn all about holidays and celebrations in France.

What does “Poisson d’Avril” mean? April Fools’ Day in France is a solemn celebration dedicated to Saint Andrew, the patron saint of fishermen. Ha, poisson d’avril (Meaning: Fish of April)! Like everywhere else, France marks April 1 with pranks. But where do fish fit in? Read on to learn more about the French tradition of …

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Bustling Christmas markets, rich hot chocolate served from a silver ladle, and sugar-dusted doughnuts are just a few things that remind me of Christmas in France. As one of the most important holidays of the year, the Christmas season is home to a lot of unique traditions.

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What is Bastille Day? Bastille Day is the national holiday of France. In French, it is called called “La Fête Nationale” (pronounced la fɛt nasjɔnal) or “La Fête de la Bastille” (pronounced la fɛt də la bastij), and is celebrated annually on the 14th of July. Bastille Day traditions include a military parade in Paris …

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Valentine’s Day In France is called la Saint-Valentin or la Fête des Amoureux (Lover’s Day). Here’s a complete list of fun words you can use on le 14 février! Valentine’s Day In France – vocabulary list Vocabulaire pour la saint-Valentin Do the French celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do the French celebrate Valentine’s Day? Bonne question! The …

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