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These posts discover French litterature including authors, poets and philosophers and their famous works.

Who were the important French philosophers? Look back over the political and social upheaval of the last millennium, and you’ll find brilliant thinkers asking big questions. Sometimes with an answer. Many were from France, so let’s look at the famous French philosophers that left their mark on French culture.

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French Writers: 16 Most Famous Authors & Greatest Works" aria-hidden="true" tabindex="-1">
French writers: 16 most famous French authors of all time.

French Writers: 16 Most Famous Authors & Greatest Works

French writers have had their works translated and sold around the world, telling stories of romance, bravery, and victory. If you aren’t so familiar with the top French authors, you’ll want to consider having a go at reading one of their great works. Keep reading to discover the top French writers of all time and …

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A politics and history graduate with a technical writing background and based in France, Dan writes amazing articles for all things French. An insatiable traveler, Dan has crisscrossed France, Europe, and beyond. When he’s not hiking or falling down historical rabbit holes, Dan sips tea and writes technical pieces or blog posts about travel, history, and life in his adopted home.

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