Je M’appelle Funny Bear

Je M’appelle Funny Bear” is a fun video and song about Gummy Bears. The video comes from the CD “I Am Your Gummy Bear” and has been viewed on YouTube over 110 million times! It features a singing green-colored animated bear.

The bear sings and dances in all sorts of fun situations including in a hip-hop style bouncing car, western ranch, on a bouncing ball in the park, on a skateboard ramp, in a park playing the tuba, in the city and on a concert stage. The bear is also famous as he’s featured in newspapers! First watch the video and then read through the lyrics.

French Lyrics

Je m’appelle funny bear
je mappelle funny bear
je m’appelle funny funny funny funny funny bear
J’ai un p’tit ventre mou et un slip kangourou
je suis pas comme les autres tout doux moi je suis un p’tit loup

English Translation

My name is Funny Bear
My name is Funny Bear
My name is funny funny funny funny funny bear
I have a soft belly and kangaroo underwear
I’m not like all the others, all soft; me, I’m a little wolf

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