Se Tromper (To Mistaken) Meaning, Conjugation, Examples

The French verb tomper means to cheat on, mislead or to deceive. In the promonimal form, se tromper de + noun means to mistaken, get/have wrong. Below the video we’ll look at the conjugation the present tense then some sample sentences.

present tense conjugation

  • je me trompe – I mistaken
  • tu te trompes – you mistaken
  • il, elle se trompe – he mistakes
  • nous nous trompons – we mistake
  • vous vous trompez – you mistake
  • ils, elles se trompent – they mistake

Example Sentences:

  • Le patron trompe tous ses employées.
    The boss cheats all of his workers.
  • Il paraît que l’homme trompe sa femme.
    It appears that the man is cheating on his wife.
  • Ils essayent de nous tromper.
    They’re trying to cheat us.
  • Pardon, je me trompe de votre prénom.
    Sorry, I’m mistakening your first name.
  • Désolé, je me trompe de la date.
    Sorry, I have the date wrong.
  • Pardon, je me trompe de numéro.
    Sorry, I have the wrong number.
se tromper
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