S’Occuper De (To Take Care Of in French) – Example Sentences

S’occuper de definition

To take care of, take responsibility for, to see to, to deal with, to look after, to work with

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Grammatical structure

  • S’occuper de + Quelque chose (NOUN) or Quelqu’un (somebody) or infinitive

Example sentences

  • Je m’occupe de ma santé et je suis en forme.
    I take care of my health and I’m healthy.
  • Ne t’inquiète pas. Je m’occupe des détails.
    Don’t worry. I’m taking care of the details.
  • Je m’occuperai de prévenir tout le monde.
    I’ll take care of warning everybody.
  • Qui s’occupe du dîner ce soir?
    Who’s taking care of diner tonight?
  • Le directeur s’occupe de son équipe.
    The manager is in charge of his team.
  • Il s’occupera de nos chiens quand nous serons en vacances.
    He’ll take care of our dogs when we’re on vacation.
  • Ma tante s’occupait de moi quand j’étais un enfant.
    My aunt used to take care of me when I was little.
  • Il s’occupe bien de sa famille.
    He takes good care of his family.
  • Elle s’occupe d’enfants autistes.
    She works with autistic kids.
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