Names Of French Holidays

In this lesson you will learn how to say the public holidays in French. In French a holiday is “une fête”. In France several of the holidays are Christian-based and coincide with holidays in many other countries such as Christmas (Noël) and New Years (Le Jour de l’An). However, there are several holidays which are unique to France including Victoire 1945 (celebrating the end of World War II) and La Fête Nationale (National Day).

Paris, Bastille Day
  • Le Jour de l’An New Years Day
  • Vendredi Saint Good Friday
  • Pâques Easter
  • La Fête du Travail May Day
  • Victoire 1945 Victory Day in Europe (Commemorating the end of World War II)
  • l’Ascension Ascension Day
  • La Pentecôte Pentecost
  • La Fête Nationale Bastille Day/National Day
  • La Toussaint All Saints’ Day
  • Armistice 1918 Veterans Day/Armistice Day/Remembrance Day (Commemorates the end of World War I)
  • Noël Christmas
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