French Names of Languages – Complete List

les langues

Learning French and looking to pick up an additional language? The following table offers French names of 65+ world languages. Note that just about all languages are masculine and are always written with a lower case.

Curious about when to put ‘le’ in front of language? The rule is that when a language used in the context of something you are studying, the ‘le’ must be included. For example, ‘j’étudie le français‘ (I study French). When referring to speaking however, the inclusion of le is optional. Thus, ‘je parle français‘ and ‘je parle le français‘ would both be permissible.

French names for languages

Afrikaans le afrikaans
Albanian l’albanais
Basquele basque
Bengalile bengali
Bengali le bengali
Bosnian le bosniaque, le bosnien
Bulgarianle bulgare
Burmesele birman
Cantonese Chinesele chinois cantonais
Catalanle catalan
Chinesele chinois
Croatian le croate
Danishle danois
Dutchle néerlandais
Farsile farsi
Filipinole filipino, la tagalog
Finnishle finlandais
Flemishle flamand
Frenchle français
Gaelicle gaélique
Gaelicle gaélique
Greekle grec
Hungarianle hongrois
Indonesian l’indonésien
Japanesele japonais
Khmer (Cambodia)le khmer
Koreanle coréen
Kurdishle kurde
Laotian, Laole lao
Latvian le letton
Lithuanianle lituanien
Luxembourgishle luxembourgeois
Malagasyle malgache
Malay le malais
Maltesele maltais
Mandarin Chinesele chinois mandarin
Mongolian le mongol
Nepali le népalais
Persianle persan
Polishle polonais
Portuguesele portugais
Punjabile pendjabi
Romanian le roumain
Russianle russe
Serbian le serbe
Slovakle slovaque
Swahilile swahili
Tagalogle tagal
Tamille tamoul, le tamil
Thaile thaï
Turkishle turc
Ukrainian le ukrainien
Urdule ourdou, le urdu
Vietnamesele vietnamien
Welshle gallois
Yiddishle yiddish
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