Living Room

le salon

le canapé sofa
la cheminée fireplace
la pendule clock
le tableau painting
le rideau curtain
le sol floor
le coussin cushion
le vase vase
l’aplique wall light
la bibliothèque bookshelf
store vénitien venetian blind
le plafond ceiling
le table basse coffee table
le miroir miroir
la lampe wall lamp
le tapis rug
le fauteuil armchair
la vitrine cabinet

In this lesson you will learn vocabulary words for the living room in French. Similar to previous vocabulary lessons this is a great chance for you to practice the masculine and feminine gender of nouns. Also, please pay attention to the word “cheminée“. While you might think it means the English, “Chimney”, at first glance it’s actually a faux ami and means fireplace.

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