French Baby Vocabulary

French Baby Vocabulary

In this lesson you will learn will learn a French baby vocabulary. If you are having a baby in a French-speaking country or will be traveling with your small child then you’ll definitely find these words very useful! Please note you can listen to all the French vocab in this lesson by clicking on any of the French words. Make sure the page is finished loading for the audio to work.

Vocab List

le bébé babyla grossesse pregnancy
l'accouchement deliveryaccoucher to give birth
la naissance birthenceinte pregnant
le nouveau-né newborn babyla couche pour bébé diaper
le nourrisson infantl'allaitement nursing
les prénoms pour bébés baby namesla nourriture pour bébés baby food
la sucette pacifierle lit de bébé crib
la chaise haute high chairla chambre de bébé baby room
la poussette strollerles vêtements pour bébé baby clothes
le landau pram/baby carriagele bambin toddler

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