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French Classroom Commands

French Classroom Phrases

Whether you’re a student learning how to speak French or a classroom teacher you’ll definitely want to learn some useful classroom commands and expressions. In this lesson you’ll learn common commands and vocabulary words that you can use together with everybody in your French class. NOTE: This is an audio lesson. Click on any of the French words, listen, repeat and practice your pronunciation. Also, we’ve included some resources such as flashcards and games towards the bottom of the page.

apprenons le français let's learn Frenchrépondez, s'il vous plaît answer, please
levez-vous! stand up!asseyez-vous! sit down!
ouvrez le cahier open the notebookouvrez le livre open the book
taisez-vous be quiet!regardez! look!
lisez la phrase read the sentencecomprenez-vous? do you understand?
fermez la porte close the doorvenez au tableau come to the chalkboard
répétez repeatécrivez write
écoutez listenj'ai une question à poser I have a question to ask
quelle page? what page?est-ce que je peux aller aux toilettes? May I go to the bathrom/washroom?
comment dit-on ___ en français? How do you say ___ in French?que veut dire ___? What does ___ mean?
la classe commence class is beginningvous êtes en retard you are late
la leçon the lessontous ensemble everybody together
dites-le en français Say it in French!en français! In French!

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