top 8 websites for learning French in 2021

learn-french-blogs1In this article I’ve hand picked my favorite eight websites for learning French. I’ve looked at several criteria for putting these blogs on my list.

Actually, I’ve been a big fan of many of these people for a long time and have visited their sites regularly over the years. I included blog writers who post excellent original content and post on a regular basis and are experts in the French language learning niche.

Several of these writers are teachers themselves and have accumulated decades of useful teaching experience and share their knowledge through their blogs. Please feel free to suggest any blogs that I’ve missed in the comments section below!


French Today is by far my favorite blog for learning French on the Internet today. The blog’s author, Camille, does an amazing job covering a very wide range of aspects about French language study. She offers articles covering difficult French language nuances, vocabulary and grammar usage as well audio lessons.

What’s more, her blog is also an extremely informative French travel site. She offers articles about studying French immersion programs in France, regional travel as well as articles about cultural traditions, cuisine and much more. In addition to Camille, her husband, Oliver and daughter Layla also make great contributions to the blog.

FrenchToday offers on online audio course for learning French called “À Moi Paris”. The course has four levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and is based on Camille’s 20 years of one-on-one French teaching experience.


FrenchTogether has long been one of my favorite online resources for learning French. Benjamin Houy, a Frenchman living in Berlin, created and launched the site in 2011. Benjamin discovered a great way for learning English based on applying real life experiences to language learning and his blog focuses on using this method for learning French.

Benjamin’s blog posts help visitors to discover vocabulary and expressions, grammar tips, resources for learning French including Movies and TV shows, French language learning challenges, reviews covering a wide rage of products and much more. Benjamin also offers an online courses called 30-Day French that helps students learn French with 30 conversations based on real-life scenarios.


Johan, a native French speaker, created, Français Authentique. Johan came up with the idea of after realizing that there’s a huge audience of people who know French in an academic sense but are unable to speak the language and used it in everyday conversations.

Français Authentique is all in French and is geared towards a more advanced audience. Johan does an amazing job creating great content for his blog. His articles specialize in French expressions and grammar usage and are often created as answers to questions coming from members of his audience.

Unlike the other blogs mentioned on this page Johan’s blog posts and video content are 100% in French and really are a great resource for those looking to improve their French comprehension. Français Authentique offers several packages of audio courses which are based on real conversations between French speakers.


FluentU is a website that allows visitors to learn French with a huge selection of subtitled videos that are specially chosen for the individuals’ specific study level. FluentU has a blog that does an amazing job of tackeling almost every aspect of learning French.

The blog has a large number of contributors who write all about language learning challenges and strategies, grammar difficulties and nuances, French culture, online learning resources and much more. Of all the blogs listed here, FluentU’s blog is by far one of the most extensive and comprehensive.


John Elkhoury created FrenchCrazy in in 2011. John is a native English speaker who started learning French in 2004 who is now a French-English bilingual. John has used his blog to relate the difficulties in learning from from a non-native speaker’s perspective.

John covers and extremely vast range of topics including pronunciation tips, slang and expressions, verb tense usage, living and traveling in France, vocabulary learning tips and much more. FrenchCrazy also offers visitors a tailor-made guide for helping people to live, work and study in France.


One of my favorite blogs for learning French is Comme Une Française, created and maintanted by Géraldine Lepère. Géraldine is a native French speaker and is based out of Grenoble, France. Her blog offers amazing videos that are highly creative, fun to watch and most importantly extremely useful for students of the French language everywhere. Géraldine really does an amazing job bringing French culture into the living rooms her viewers.

Her videos cover a wide rage of subjects including: grammar points, useful expressions, phrases and proverbs, French travel and much, much more. Géraldine also offers several courses covering French conversation, Subtleties of spoken French and pronunciation and vocabulary (coming Fall, 2016).


Frédéric Bibard, a native French speaker, created His goal was to create a site that combines both excellent content for learning French with a good learning method. Frédéric’s blog offers a ton of excellent content on topics including vocabulary, grammar, French culture and travel, idiomatic expressions and much more. offers several products covering Frédéric’s methods to learning French grammar as well as other great products on reading, expressions and slang.


Pierre Babon, a native speaking Frenchman from Bordeaux, created Français Avec Pierre. Pierre’s audience and blog is aimed at people who have already studied French and know the basics but aren’t able to speak well or need improvement. His blog is exclusively in French and covers a wide rage of topics including tricky grammar points and vocabulary. Pierre also does an excellent job telling fun stories in French. Pierre also offers several online courses covering many topics including pronunciation, oral expression as well as a B2 DELF preparation course.

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