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How do you say for in French? For in French is “pour” (pronounced puʀ). For example, “C’est pour vous” (It’s for you, formal) or “C’est pour toi” (it’s for you, informal). The word pour in French has many usages, including “for” or “in order to”. This post will discover a variety of ways of saying …

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If you’ve ever learned a new language, you’ll know that some words and phrases in one language don’t always have a direct translation into another. And today we’re going to dive into an example of that: “I Miss You” in French. It doesn’t translate directly into English because of something known as a “subject-object inversion,” …

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The word for when in French is “quand” (pronounced kɑ̃). For example, “Quand est-ce qu’on commence?” (When are we are starting?). In this post we will discover how to use the word quand in sentences as well as explore several other French words for “when”. Towards the bottom of the post we’ll explain the meaning …

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What does bienvenue mean? In French, the word for “welcome” is “bienvenue” (pronunciation bjɛ̃vəny). The word has three syllables: Bien-vuh-nu and translates literally to “come well”. In this post, we will discover the various ways to say welcome in French as well as many applicable verbs, phrases and expressions.

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How do you say good luck in French? In French, the expression for good luck is “bonne chance” (pronounced bɔn ʃɑ̃s). The word “bonne” means “good” and the word “chance” translates to “luck”. “Bonne chance”, however, is not the only way to say good luck in French. This post will explore several more useful and …

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In French, the word for good morning is: “Bonjour” (pronounced bɔ̃ʒuʀ). “Bon matin” (pronounced bɔ̃ matɛ̃) translates literally to “good morning”. However, this expression is used mostly in Canada. In French culture, it is very important to greet those around you in the morning with a polite “bonjour”. This post will explore different ways of …

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