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How do you say “My name is” in French? If you want to introduce yourself in French, the most common way to say “My name is” is “Je m’appelle” (Pronunciation: ʒə ma pɛl). The literal meaning of je m’appelle is “I call myself”. In French, there are several other ways of introducing youself which we …

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What does “voilà” mean? Ah, the elusive voilà meaning. French speakers love to use the word voilà in a variety of situations, but it actually has a wide variety of meanings depending on the context. Translated as “here is” or “here are” in most situations, voilà is a very common French word that you’ll definitely …

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How do you say “Congratulations!” in French? The most common way to say congratulations In French in “félicitations” (pronounced felisitasjɔ̃). In this post we’ll discover other ways say “congrats” in French and which words to use in specific situations such as life events such as graduations, marriages and having children.

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Even before learning French (and the famous oh la la meaning), there were a few French phrases I knew. Even though French isn’t commonly spoken in the United States, phrases like C’est la vie, Je t’aime, and Ooo la la have permeated our culture. Whether in movies, on coffee mugs, or on t-shirts, it’s likely …

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Happy in French is “heureux” (pronounced uh-ruh). The feminine form is “heureuse” (pronounced uh-ruhz). Another French word for happy is “content”. This post will explore heureux vs. content in depth through lots of fun example sentences (with audio). heureux, heureuse happy (masculine and feminine forms)

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