Sorry in French

Sorry in French

Excuse Me in FrenchIn this lesson you will learn how to say excuse me (excusez-moi) and how to say sorry (je suis désolé) in French. To say sorry to somebody you can say “je suis désolé”. Please note that if you are a woman you would add an “e” to désolé as you must write the adjective and the feminine form. Thus you would write “je suis désolée”.

To say excuse me to a stranger or somebody who is older than yourself say “excusez-moi”. If you’re speaking to somebody who is a peer or younger than yourself you can simply say “excuse-moi”.

If you are in a situation where you accidentally bump into somebody else or you would like to grab their attention you can simply say “pardon”. If the person is older than you were stranger you can say “pardonez-moi”.

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