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Vichy Anti-Wrinkle Cream Commercial

Vichy Anti-Wrinkle Cream Commercial

This is a vintage 80s French commercial for anti-wrinkle cream for women. The product is called Premières Rides or First Wrinkles by Vichy.  The commercial is targeted towards younger woman and suggests they can get rid of wrinkles as soon as they spot them.

Text from the commercial with translation

  • Dites non aux rides. Dès les premières rides il faut réagir.
    Say no to wrinkles. Starting from the first wrinkles, one must react (do something).
  • Voici la crème Premières Rides de Vichy.
    Here is the cream First Wrinkles from Vichy.
  • Une crème du jour active pour lutter contre les premières rides dès
    qu’elles se forment.
    An active day cream for fighting against the first wrinkles from the moment they form.
  • Mais à chaque âge sa solution.
    But for each age, its solution.
  • Voici pour vous anti-rides double active de Vichy.
    Here is the cream First Wrinkles from Vichy.
  • Oui, double active car il diminue la profondeur des rides et raffermit la peau.
    Yes, double active because it reduces the depth of the wrinkles and firms up the skin.
  • À chaque âge sa solution.
    But for each age, its solution.
  • Les anti-rides de Vichy, des résultats prouvés.
    Anti-wrinkles from Vichy, proven results. 

Vocabulary and phrases of interest

  • Dès – this means from, once or as soon as. “Dès les premières rides”  – from or as soon as you see the first wrinkles. “Dès que” as a conjunction means when, once or as soon as. Dès qu’elles se forment – once they form.
  • il faut + infinitive – you have to, you must, one has to. il faut réagir – loose translation: you have to do something.
  • car – because. Literary work that equates to parce que (because).
  • à chaque âge sa solution – hard to translate word-for-word. Literally: to each age its solution, meaning there’s a solution for every age. Here the age is young as the product is targeted at younger women.
  • lutter – to fight. lutter contre quelque chose – to fight against something. As a noun la lutte is wrestling.

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