Kinder Chocolate Commercial

This is a French advertisement for Kinder chocolate from the 1980s.  The chocolates come filled with “surprise” toys and the kids get all excited about them. The lady in the commercial is expressing that these chocolates are safe.

Text from the commercial with translation

  • Kids: Bon anniversaire! Une surprise! Allons-y! Attrape-moi les nouvelles surprises! Youpi!
    Happy birthday! A surprise! Let’s go! Catch the new surprises for me! Yippee!
  • Child: Mais qu’est-ce qu’il y a dedans?
    But what’s inside?
  • Woman: Quel plaisir de les voir si heureux. Je suis tranquille avec Kinder Surprise. Le chocolat Kinder est vraiment fait pour les enfants.
    How nice it is to see them so happy. I am at ease with Kinder Surprise. Kinder chocolate is really made for kids.

Vocabulary and phrases of interest

  • Youpi! This equates to yippee! in English.
  • Quel plaisir de les voir. The les here is a direct object and replaces enfants. Quel plaisir de voir les enfants si heureux. What a pleasure it is to see the kids so happy.
  • Quel + NOUN. This means, “what a _!” For example, quelle idée! What an idea!
  • Tranquille (adj.). This literally translates to quiet, tranquil or peaceful but here means not worried or relaxed.

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