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Je m’appelle – My name is

Je m’appelle – My name is

Today’s lesson looks at one of the most basic and necessary phrases in French: Je m’appelle, which literally means “I call myself”. We’ll also look at how to say “What is your name?” in French: “Comment t’appelles-tu?” and “Comment vous appelez-vous?“.

Je m’appelle


The pronunciation of je m’appelle is zhuh mah-pell or [ʒə ma-pɛl].

Phrase construction

The phrase je m’appelle (my name is) is comprised of je (I) and the verb appeler (to call) in the reflexive (to myself) form. The following is s’appeler (to call oneself) in conjugated in the present tense.

Je m’appelle My name is
Tu t’appelles Your name is (singular, informal)
Il, elle s’appelle His/her name is
Nous nous appelons Our name is
Vous vous appelez Your name is (plural, formal)
Ils, elles s’appellent Their name is

Example sentences

Je m’appelle David. J’ai 49 ans et je viens des États-Unis.

My name is David. I’m 49 years-old and I’m from the United States.

“What is your name?” in French

These next two sentences use the two ways of saying “you” in French: tu and vous.

Comment t’appelles-tu ? Je m’appelle Sylvie et j’ai quinze ans.

What is your name? My name is Sylvie and I’m 15 years-old.

What is your name? My name is Martin and I’m 62 years-old.

Comment vous appelez-vous ? Me m’appelle Martin et j’ai soixante-deux ans.


Et voilà ! Now you know how to use je m’appelle in French. Now check our our related lesson covering French greetings.

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Je m'appelle


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