French Greetings – How to say hello and good-bye

French greetingsThere are many ways to say hello and good-bye in French and it’s very important to get these greetings right. The reason for this is that the French put a big emphasis on formal and informal language. This page offers a list of French greetings, a list of answers to ‘How are you’? as well as some informal and slang greetings.

ways of saying hello

  • Bonjour bon-joor Hello, good morning!
  • Salut sal-u Hi!/bye
  • Ça va? sa-vah How’s it going?
  • Comment ça va? como-sa-vah How’s it going?
  • Comment vas-tu? como-vah-tu How are you? (informal)
  • Comment allez-vous? como-allay-voo How are you? (formal or to group)
  • Bon après-midi boh-apray-mee-dee Good afternoon!
  • Bonsoir boh-swahr Good evening.

ways of saying good-bye

  • Au revoir ohv-voir Good-bye
  • Salut! sah-loo Bye! (informal)
  • Bonne nuit bun-nwee Good night
  • Bonne journée bun-joor-nay Have a nice day
  • Bonne soirée bun-swahr-ay Have a nice evening
  • À bientôt! ah-bi-ehn-toh See you soon!

answers to how are you?

  • Ça va sah-vah I’m okay.
  • Ça va bien, merci. sah-vah-bi-ehn, mersee I’m well, thanks.
  • Ça va mal sah-vah-mahl I’m not doing well.
  • Ça va comme ci comme ça com-see-com-sah I’m so-so

meeting for the first time

  • Bienvenue! bi-ehn-vuh-noo Welcome!
  • Ravi de faire votre connaissance! ravee-duh-fair-vo-truh-co-nay-sanse Nice to meet you (formal)
  • Enchanté(e)! uhn-shan-tay Nice to meet you!

informal/slang greetings

  • Quoi de neuf? kwah-duh-nuf What’s new?
  • Tu es en forme? tu-ay-ehn-form Are you feeling well? (informal)
  • Coucou! coo-coo Hey there! (very informal)
  • Ça baigne? sah-banyuh How’s it going?
  • Ça bouge? sah-booge How’s it going?
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