Nice To Meet You In French (Enchanté!) + Pronunciation

7 Ways To Say Nice To Meet You In French

In French, there are several ways to say “nice to meet you”. The most common word is “enchanté” (pronounced ɑ̃ʃɑ̃te). However, there are more expressions. This post will explore the best ways to say nice to meet you in French depending on level of formality of the situation.

How to pronounce “enchanté”

In order to pronounce “enchanté” correctly, you must learn the French nasal sounds “en” and “an”. Both of these sounds have the exact same pronunciation, which is indicated with the symbol “ɑ̃”. My good friend, Camille, at provides a very good explanation of the French nasal sounds.

This page on offers four useful audio samples of “enchanté”. In addition, my YouTube friend, Vincent, does a great job in this video:

Different ways to say nice to meet you in French

As mentioned above, the French have different ways of saying nice to meet you, depending on the situation. The French tend to be a bit more particular about formalities and different levels of respect than Americans, so it’s important to understand the subtle differences in the expressions.

Nice to meet in French for a peer

If you yourself are young and meet another young person, it’s okay to use the familiar (tu) way to say “nice to meet you”.

Please note that French have two forms of you: Tu and vous. Tu is you singular and is used for friends or people you know. “Vous” is you formal and plural and is used for adults and strangers. This page covers tu vs. vous in detail.

To say nice to meet you to a somebody who will be in your close social circle you can simply say, “Enchanté !”. If you want to get a bit more elaborate you can say the entire sentence:

  • Je suis enchanté(e) de faire ta connaissance.

This sentence translates literally to “I am enchanted to make your acquaintance”. The extra -e indicateds the feminine form of the adjective, enchanté. This page covers French adjectives in detail.

In addition to the word, “enchanté”, you can equally use the word ravi, which translates to thrilled, delighted or “over the moon”. Here’s how to say nice to meet you in the familiar form using “ravi”:

  • Je suis ravi(e) de faire ta connaissance.

Unlike, “enchanté !”, which can be used as a single-word exclamation for “nice to meet you”, you cannot exclaim, “ravi !”. It’s more common to use “ravi” with the sentence we must mentioned.

Again, these phrases just mentioned are strictly for somebody in your peer group. It would be very impolite to use them in a formal situation and in doing so you’d most likely get labeled a “stupid American”.

"Je suis enchanté(e) de faire ta connaissance" is infomral for "Nice to meet you".

Nice to meet you in French for formal situations

The French love their formalities. Oui, monsieur ! (yes, Sir!). If you find yourself in doubt on which form to use when meeting somebody for the first time, go with the following formal options. The only exception to this of course is if you were meeting a child for the first time. It would look ridiculous in French culture to use the formal form with a child.

To say “nice to meet you” in formal situations, use one of the following two phrase:

  • Je suis enchanté(e) de faire votre connaissance; or
  • Je suis ravi(e) de faire votre connaissance.

If you’d like you can omit the je suis (I am) on “Je suis enchanté(e) de faire votre connaissance”. This video does a great job teaching the pronunciation:

Other ways of saying nice to meet you in French

“Enchanté” is not the only game in town for saying “nice to meet you”. You can also use this sentence:

  • C’est un plaisir de te/vous rencontrer.

This translates to “It’s a pleasure to meet you”. The French verb rencontrer means “to meet”.

You can also combine “plaisir” (pleasure) with “faire votre connaissance”, which means to make your acquaintance. Here’s the sentence:

  • C’est un plaisir de faire ta/votre connaissance.

One more way of saying “nice to meet you” uses the adjective “heureux/heureuse”, which means “happy”.

  • Heureux(se) de faire ta/votre connaissance. (Literally: Happy to make your acquaintance).

Often in English we use the line, “I’ve heard good (or nice) things about you”. The French have use a similar line:

  • On m’a beaucoup parlé de vous. (Literal translation: One has spoken to me a lot about you).

Nice to meet you in French – conclusion

Now you’re an expert in saying “nice to meet you” in French. You can use both enchanté and ravi and know the formal and informal usages. Now go to France and put the expressions to use by meeting some new people!

"Je suis ravi de faire votre connaissance" is formal for "nice to meet you".

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