Bonjour – Hello in French – Meaning, Usage, Pronunciation

meaning of bonjour

Bonjour! means hello in French and has several uses.

Firstly, it means good morning. In addition to using bonjour in the morning you can also use it throughout the day until the very late afternoon. At that point switch to bonsoir (good evening).

Bonjour is the formal way of saying hello. Salut means “hi!” but this word is informal and could be considered impolite if used with the wrong audience.

The word bonjour is a combination of two words: bon which means good and jour which means day. Be sure to make a nasal -on sound and try your hardest to do a French -r in the back of your throat (see video below).

expressions with bonjour

  • passer le bonjour à quelqu’un say hi to somebody
    Passe le bonjour à Pierre de ma part. Say hi to Pierre for me.
  • souhaiter le bonjour à quelqu’un say hi to somebody
    Souhaite le bonjour à ta famille de ma part. Say hi to your family for me.
  • donner le bonjour à quelqu’un to say hi to somebody
    Donne le bonjour à ta mère de ma part. Say hi to your mom for me.
  • bonjour tout le monde! hi everybody!
    Bonjour tout le monde! Je suis là! Hi Everybody! I’m here!
  • rebonjour! hello again!
    Rebonjour! Je suis là de nouveau! Hi again! I’m back!

how to pronounce bonjour

Video source: frenchsounds

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